100% Revenue Transparency with Stripe Integration

The Evocalize Platform utilizes Stripe’s payment processing software for all transactions made within the platform.

Getting Setup with Stripe

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Once you are the Stripe account owner you can then validate your business name, email and address that will be visible on transactions. Be sure to use a customer support email alias here. You will also need to verify tax information for Stripe to submit accurate tax reports.

Account Settings

Tax Details

Business Account Validation & Setup

As an account admin you will be able to add team members. Stripe has five user roles to choose from when adding a team member to a Stripe account along with the levels of restrictions. 

User Roles and Permissions
Team Settings

Adding Team Members & Roles

Set up a custom domain so emails such as invoices, receipts, and failed payments are sent from your domain instead of stripe.com.

Email Domain

Setting up Business Domain for Email White Labeling

Customize receipts and invoices with your branding (colors and logos).

Brand Settings

 Customizing Receipts & Branding

Automate email replies for upcoming renewals, payment failures, expiring cards, etc.

Email Automation

Configuring Email Options